Comprised of the finest audio equipment ever made, an Upgraded Connoisseur System should effortlessly lift the listener out of his or her listening seat to the best seat in the concert hall. When the goal is no-compromise performance at the absolute highest level, the TRANSCENDENT SERIES will ensure that your system can take you there.

For such systems, Transparent designed OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables to provide the perfect connections for the most resolving and demanding audio equipment imaginable. The result of decades of critical listening, testing, and design, the audio cables, power conditioning, and power cords in the Transparent TRANSCENDENT SERIES have no equals. Laboriously hand-crafted, measured, and calibrated to ensure peak performance, OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS let you unleash the full potential of your components. Transparent addresses every detail of calibration, fit, and finish with both your components and listening space to create a truly transcendent listening experience.

Our iconic OPUS Audio Cables are well suited for anyone who is ready to take music listening to the next level and wants to upgrade a well-established Connoisseur System. MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables with their more robust cable constructions and extraordinary applications of materials and technology to damp the last vestiges of vibration and resonance in the signal path deliver the kind of performance worthy of the most highly evolved system consisting of only the very best audio components available.

Explore OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables, related digital cables, power conditioners, and power cords by clicking on the product photos below. Discover what Transparent has to offer to help transform the best components into a system that is capable of recreating all the excitement, grandeur, and drama of music played live.

The journey toward the pinnacle in performance and beyond is accessible to any serious audiophile and music lover at the TRANSCENDENT level because the Transparent Upgrade Program provides generous trade-in values toward the purchase of cables and power conditioning at the next level of musicality or higher.